Kutná Hora & the bone chaple in Sedlec

Description of the tour: This medieval town situated just outside of Prague was founded as a silver mine in the mountain region and was one of the richest cities in Europe in the 14th century. Thanks to this Kutná Hora, this region became renowned as a beautiful and prosperous place...

During the tour we will visit the Cathedral of the Assumption of Our Lady and Saint John the Baptist & the Ossuary (Bone chapel) in Sedlec. After getting to Kutná Hora we will continue on to the St. Barbara Cathedral. There is an option to have lunch in local tavern or just have coffee in a really cozy café.

After refreshment break, the tour continues by walking around the town and visiting the Italian Court & St. James church. (If you book the tour enough in advance, there is a possibility to visit the real medieval silver mine, which is quite adventurous.)

Lenght: Depending on the interest of the clients. Usually it takes 5 or more hours. But because it is private tour, this can be done according to the will of clients.

Including: Guide in English, Train tickets and taxi (from Sedlec to KH) or the private car, Entrance fees (Both cathedrals and ossuary)

Additional: (not included) Lunch, Medieval silver mine tour (needed to be order in advance + extra fee CZK 150 per person)

Price: I offer the tour by train or by private car (Peugeot 5008). Prices are below in the tables.